Tuesday, September 25, 2012

can GOD be trusted?...

can GOD be trusted?  i don’t have a lot of problems with this subject.  i have a very positive view of who GOD is.  it doesn’t mean that my life has been perfect and that i haven’t had problems in my life but i have been very fortunate to have had parents that introduced me to GOD at a very early age and gave me a right perspective on what GOD has control of and what HE allows to happen.

i remember the morning that i got the call that my dad had been killed.  he had been a minister for all of my life but because of situations that were not because of any wrong doing on his part he was driving a semi and had that morning been in an accident and was killed.

now because of my relationship with GOD and the right training that i had been given i didn’t step back and blame GOD for what happened.  that doesn’t mean that i didn’t have some questions but i didn’t have to question my trust in GOD.

now many of you haven’t had the privilege that i have had to be raised by parents that really knew GOD and you really don’t know what GOD is like and so in a crisis you may have a problem with whether you can trust GOD or not.  maybe you are having problems right now.

maybe you have prayed for something and you didn’t get what you asked for and you felt disappointed.  maybe you too had an experience of a tragedy and you didn’t understand –  “why GOD, why did you allow that?”  or maybe you were disappointed by someone who claimed to be a CHRISTian or a pastor or someone who represented GOD to you – so you were disappointed.

let me ask you, how much can you trust a person?  how much?

listen, you can trust a person only to the degree that you know that person.  you see in order for you to trust somebody you must have three things in that relationship:

1.  that person you’re going to trust must tell you the truth.
2.  that person must be fair, they must do what’s right, just.
3.  the person must be reliable, dependable if you’re going to develop a relationship of trust.

psalm 33.4 (niv) says that those three characteristics are actually attributes of GOD.  for the word of the LORD is right and true. HE is faithful in all HE does.  notice those three characteristics:  right... true... faithful.

let’s spends some time here on the front porch getting better acquainted with GOD in order to see if those three attributes really are what HE is like so then we can trust HIM.

just a thought from the front porch…


Rachel Stephenson said...

What a wonderful story. I love hering that god can be trusted by someone who has had reason to question. Life can throw us a curve or two but that my mean I just don't understand what's happening. I have a daily blog, your story reminded me of Isaiah 55 Here is the link to my post

bill williams said...

thank you, rachel.