Monday, September 17, 2012

growing and developing…

solomon in the ot of thee bible would say that if you want to be a winner at work, never stop learning.  never stop learning.  always be growing and developing.

proverbs 15.14 (gnt), intelligent people want to learn but stupid people are satisfied with ignorance. 

isn’t that a great verse? 

do you have any people who are brain dead at your work?  do you know what i am talking about?  i mean, the last time they ever thought about opening a book was final’s week before they graduated.  and they then got their diploma and they said, thank GOD, my education is over.  and little did they know how truthful they were.

they stopped learning, they stopped growing, they are not developing.  folks, understand this, leaders are learners.  leaders are learners.  do you want to be a leader?  you must be a learner.  there is no leadership without learning.  so you never stop learning.

proverbs 18.15 (tlb), the intelligent man is always open to new ideas - in fact, he looks for them.

do you look for new ideas?  are you adaptable and flexible at learning and you want to grow and change? 

one of the theories of why the dinosaurs became extinct was because they couldn’t adapt to rapid change in the environment so they all died out.  my guess is that there are some dinosaurs at your work.  i hope one of them isn’t you. 

what’s a computer?  give me my manual typewriter.  not developing, not changing, not growing. 

you must keep learning and growing.

just a thought from the front porch…  

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