Saturday, September 29, 2012

guidance and GOD…

i can count on GOD to give me guidance.  when i don’t know what to do, HE’ll give me guidance. 

proverbs 3:5-6 (tev).  this is one of my life verses.  trust in the LORD with all your heart.  never rely on what you think you know.  remember the LORD in everything you do, and HE will show you the right way." 

notice it says, HE will show.  that’s the promise.  the premise:  trust in the LORD.

many times in your life you will be facing the question, what am i going to do?  it may be a big crisis or a minor decision, but you’ll ask yourself, what am i going to do?  now when you have a question like that and you’re facing a need or need some guidance who do you look to? 

it’s comical some of the things people look to for guidance:  fortune cookies, reading tea leaves, horoscopes, astrology, calling up some talk show host. 

listen, there is only one completely reliable source for guidance.  and that’s GOD.  HE’s the only one who can really see into the future.  HE can see into the future.  HE has perspective.  HE can help you out. 

so pastor bill, how do you get guidance from GOD? how does GOD give guidance? two ways:

1.  through the bible.  as you read the bible and study principles you become more and more acquainted with the ways of GOD.  GOD’s will is found in GOD’s word.  if you’re not reading the bible don’t expect to get much guidance.  that’s his guidebook.

2.  through GODly counsel.  CHRISTians who know the bible, who know those principles, where those verses are that you don’t know where they are, they can say, “the bible says, such and such…” and they bring light to your life. 

GOD says you can count on ME to forgive your sins and to give you guidance.

just a thought from the front porch…


Rachel Stephenson said...

This is the smae good advice my mom gave me! Thanks for sharing. God really is the best source, I"m so sad He's disregarded by so many!
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Angelia Sims Hardy said...

He is always there. You just have to look. Wonderful verse. :-)

bill williams said...

HE always is and He can be trusted.