Thursday, September 13, 2012

rational lies…

time had a front page that said, what ever happened to ethics?  you flip back and it says, “not since the reckless 20’s has the business world seen such searing scandals.  white collar scams abound, insider trading, money laundering, green mail.  greed combined with technology has made stealing more tempting than ever.”

whatever happened to ethics? 

the bible says in proverbs 16.11 (msg), GOD cares about honesty in the workplace…

if you want to be a winner, GOD says #1 you work with a purpose and #2 you insist on integrity.  folks, we are in an integrity crisis in this world today.   you insist on integrity. 

now evaluate yourself on that one.  one, am i honest when it is convenient, give yourself a one.  am i honest regardless of the cost?  you get a ten.  that means, even if i will lose my job, i am going to be honest.

all right, #3.  solomon says as you go through proverbs that if you want to be a winner, never make excuses.  never make excuses. 

now proverbs has a lot to say about laziness.  it calls a lazy man a sluggard.  that even sounds like a slug.  a sluggard.  just kind of slugging along through life. 

and it says that a sluggard is always blaming everybody else, he’s accusing and excusing.  proverbs 22 verse 13 (tlb), the lazy man is full of excuses.  “i can't go to work,” he says. “if i go outside, i might meet a lion in the street and be killed!” 

i wonder how many lions roamed the streets of jerusalem?  i didn't know that there were in that part of the country. 

and isn’t it amazing the excuses people make to justify their laziness?  in fact, we can get the height of creativity when we want to be lazy, when we want to rationalize our lack of accomplishment. 

and rationalize mean rational lies.  ok?  that’s what it means to rationalize.  rational lies.

just a thought from the front porch…

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