Thursday, September 27, 2012

the greatest example of GOD’s faithfulness…

the greatest example of GOD’s faithfulness is, without a doubt, the nation of israel.  HE continually made promises to israel and GOD fulfilled them.  joshua 21.45 (niv), not one of all the LORD’s good promises to the house of israel failed; everyone was fulfilled.

to israel, faithfulness was one of GOD’s most important qualities.  It’s talked about almost more than any other quality in the old testament.  GOD is a faithful GOD.  what HE says HE does, HE does.  HE made all kinds of promises to the nation of israel. 

HE promised abraham a son.  HE promised the israelites a land of their own.  HE promised the messiah.  HE promised harvest, blessing, protection, deliverance from egypt, restoration after captivity. 

all through the old testament GOD made promises over and over and notice what it says about GOD’s track record.  not one of those promises failed.  he had 100% accuracy.  GOD proved HIMself reliable time after time.  HE was consistent.

deuteronomy 7.9 (niv), HE is the faithful GOD, keeping HIS covenant to a thousand generations. 

HE has been faithful to israel over and over.  HE keeps his word.  HE doesn’t play games with HIS promises.
in the last 4000 years GOD has remained faithful to israel about the promises HE has made, in spite of captivity, mass genocide, moving them out of the country and relocating them, persecution. in spite of all of these things israel is still around today. that is evidence of GOD’s faithfulness. 

how many hitites do you see around?  jebusites?  ...  there are still israelites around!  because GOD is faithful. 

i understand why those folks are so zealous for their land.  GOD promised it to them, gave it to them and they’re still there 4000 years later.  GOD is faithful.  HE never breaks a promise.

but what about today?  psalm 145.13 (niv), the LORD is faithful to all HIS promises.

there are over 7000 promises in the bible.  they are like blank checks waiting to be called on, waiting.  GOD wants to fulfill HIS promises.  but you’ve got to claim them!  GOD has made some incredible guarantees to you.

HE has put them in writing.  so, looking at GOD’s faithfulness, i want to look at five wonderful guarantees that GOD has promised you can count on.  can you count on anything today?  you can count on these five things.  we’ll look at the first one tomorrow.

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Nice little cliff hanger of sorts Bill. I'll make the trek back for sure.