Saturday, January 26, 2013

does this make sense?…

the bible says in romans 8.32 (nlt),  since GOD did not spare even HIS own SON but gave HIM up for us all, won’t GOD who gave us CHRIST also give us everything else?

this verse is reminding us that GOD sent JESUS CHRIST, HIS own SON to give HIS life on the cross.  if GOD did that, do you think HE’s going to deny you joy in your life right now?  i know HE doesn’t give us all the candy we want, all the things we ask for immediately when we want it.  that’s because HE knows it would make our stomachs sick.  HE has a better life for us. 

to think that GOD would send JESUS and now deny you the kind of joy and fulfillment that you want in life, that doesn’t make logical sense.  HE’s willing to sacrifice HIS life for us.  that’s how much HE loves us.  that’s how much GOD wants what is best in every one of our lives. 

the bible tells us that it’s really the world around us that tends to drag us down.  what GOD wants to do is lift us up.  romans 12.2 (msg) says, “unlike the culture around you always dragging you down to its level of immaturity GOD brings the best out in you.  HE develops well formed maturity in you.

if i’ve got a change of heart with this incredible life that GOD’s offering to all of us, i’m going to have to have some pain to wake me up.  but it’s also going to take believing that GOD really does want what’s best for me.  that’s part of it.

just a thought from the front porch…

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