Wednesday, January 30, 2013

it’s in your investing…

there are a lot of kinds of trash out there even in your own mind.  do you ever, even in your own mind, get some trash being tempted to sin.  you think, “even if i commit that sin, GOD’s going to forgive me later.”  we all think those kinds of things.  if i don’t have some truth in my life, i’m going to go after the trash.

so how do you get truth in your life?  you’ve got to go after it.  you’ve got to want it. 

proverbs 2.2-5 (ncv), listen carefully to wisdom.  set your mind on understanding.  cry out for wisdom and beg for understanding.  search for it like silver and hunt for it like hidden treasure.  then you will understand respect for the LORD and you will find that you know GOD.

so here’s my question: how are you investing in getting the truth into your life?  it’s not going to happen without an investment.  that’s what it takes.  it could be a lot of different things.  it could be taking five or ten minutes at the beginning of the everyday to read five or ten verses out of the bible.  that’s an investment in the truth that will pay incredible dividends the rest of your life.  because when the troubles come you’ll have some truth to hold onto to get you through the tough times. 

or it could be joining a bible study.  it could be getting together with a group of people at work to talk about the truth.  it doesn’t have to be people who go to church.  all kinds of people are looking for the truth and what GOD has to say about the truth.  it could be making a decision in your family spending some together and reading the bible together.  there’s a lot of ways to make an investment in the truth. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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