Thursday, January 24, 2013

not good but it is a good thing…

one of the ingredients that go into a change of heart is pain.

psalm 119.71 (msg), my troubles turned out all for the best.  they forced me to learn from your textbook. my troubles, my pain forced me to pick up the bible (GOD’s textbook) and learn some principles from GOD.

i want to be real clear about this.  i’m not saying the pain is good.  what is good is what GOD does in our lives through the pain.  HE gets us out of a destructive lifestyle.  HE leads us into eternal life.  HE teaches us some principles from HIS word.  that’s what HE does in our lives. 

here is an example.   let’s say that you woke up last night with some incredible pain in your stomach.  because of that pain you were taken into the emergency room.  there they poked and prodded some more and decided, “you’ve got an appendix that needs to come out,” and they took your appendix out.  the pain led to your appendix being taken out. 

now let’s say i could have that night when you were in all that pain said, “this pain, it really is a good thing.”  and you would have looked at me like i was crazy. 

but every one of us knows it’s true.  if you wouldn’t have had the pain you wouldn’t have known you had the trouble.  if you hadn’t known you had the trouble, your appendix would have become more infected.  it would have burst and would have spread infection throughout your entire body.  so it was a good thing. 

one of the ingredients that GOD uses in all of our lives to help us have a change of heart for the better is pain in our lives.

just a thought from the front porch…

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