Wednesday, February 27, 2013

how to keep relationships healthy…

how about relational passion killers? the first of these relational passion killers in our life is an unresolved conflict.

when you’ve got a conflict with somebody and it’s not settled it just steals the passion out of you and it can do it immediately. 

have you ever had one of those days you get up, you’re heading out the door and everything in you feels like “this is going to be a great day!”  and on the way out the door you have a fight with your husband or wife.  it’s just like that sound when a tire goes flat.  your attitude immediately goes flat when you have a conflict with somebody in your life.  that’s the way it happens.

and some of you you’re in constant conflict right now.  maybe somebody at home or maybe a work situation, maybe at school.  and because of that conflict passion is just steadily leaking out of your life.  you’re losing passion because of the conflict that’s in your life.  no wonder. 

it obviously going to happen to any of our lives.  if you want to keep your passion alive you’ve got to keep your relationships healthy, as much as possible.

some of you possibly at the beginning of this new year have made a new commitment to JESUS CHRIST, others of you have renewed your commitment to CHRIST.  you have a passionate love for HIM.  you need to know that HE taught us that it is tied to our love for other people.  HE taught us, “love GOD with all your heart,” but also you’ve got to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  you’ve got to realize those two are tied together. 

if i want a passionate love for GOD it means i’ve got to keep my relationships with other people healthy.  GOD says that’s the way it works.  that’s the way we work.

just a thought from the front porch…

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