Friday, March 8, 2013

do it immediately…

jeremiah 29.11 (niv), “for i know the plans i have for you,” declares the LORD.  “plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” 

every time GOD tells you to do something it’s a test of your faith.  who am i going to trust?  am i going to trust my fears or my faith?  am i going to trust GOD or am i going to trust my gut feeling?  am i going to go with what GOD’s word says to do even when it doesn’t make sense or seems impossible.  or am i going to do what i feel is the right thing to do. 

feelings can be wrong.  and a lot of times GOD tells you to do something you don’t feel like doing.  for instance, forgiveness does not always feel right and it certainly does not feel easy.  but GOD says forgive people.  but it’s the right thing to do and in the long run you get blessed from it.  because you obey immediately even when you don’t understand. 

let me ask you this.  when you were a kid, did your parents ever ask you to do anything that you felt was unreasonable?  how many of you later on in your years can look back and say, i didn’t understand it then but i really do now see the wisdom in what they asked me to do?  how many could say that?  have any of you when you were growing up your parents ever get mad at you when they asked you to do something and you obeyed but you kind of dragged your feet.  did they ever get upset with you?  sure they did.  because delayed obedience is disobedience.  that’s why if you really have faith you do it when GOD says it.  you don’t ask any questions.  it’s a matter of faith. 

the point is, if you learn to do whatever GOD asks you to do without question, without understanding it, even when it seems absurd, you will live by faith and you’ll experience the greatest adventure of your life. 

GOD says you want to live by faith?  you want to live an adventure?  obey immediately even when you don’t understand it.

just a thought from the front porch…

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