Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HE is forgiving and gracious…

Because JESUS is kind HE forgives my sins, my faults, my mistakes, my errors.  So HE is a forgiving and gracious GOD because of HIS kindness. 

A lot of people have the wrong concept of GOD, like the man who was going up to Big Bear to his cabin.  As he was going he ran out of gas.  He got out of his car to push it off the road and as he got out another car came behind him and hit his car and pushed it off the cliff.  He decided he'd walk on up to his cabin and it started snowing.  He got totally drenched, caught a cold, sick.  Just as he rounded the bend to his cabin he noticed the lightning had struck it and it had burned down.  He went over and started beating his head against a tree saying "Why me GOD?   Why me GOD?"  The heavens opened, the clouds parted, and a voice said, "Because some people just tick me off!"

Some people, that's really what they think GOD's like.  They think that GOD's out to get them.  Some of you who are even believers whenever you have a problem you start thinking, "GOD's getting even with me."  Something goes wrong in your life, "HE's getting even with me.  I didn't tithe this month.  GOD's getting revenge." 

Does GOD really act like this?  Is HE this grumpy grouch who carries grudges up in Heaven?  HE’s a  cosmic kill-joy, waiting for you to make one mistake and say, "I caught you!"  No! 

Sometimes people say to me, "I don't believe in GOD."  They know I'm a retired pastor and they think that's going to shock me.  I say, "So what?  Do you think that changes anything?"  I always say, "Tell me what kind of GOD you don't believe in.  I may not believe in HIM either." 

Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe some of your ideas about GOD aren't true?  Maybe some of the ides and images you grew up with about how GOD acts toward people aren't right?  That's why you've got to go to that book of truth, the Bible, and find out what HE's really like. 

In fact, GOD so deeply wants you to know what HE's really like, HE came to earth, 2014 years ago in human form.  He was called JESUS CHRIST.  He came to earth so we would know what GOD is really like.  One of the things that JESUS taught is GOD doesn't carry a grudge.  HE is not the GOD of shame.  HE forgives my sins.  Because I deserve it?  Not a chance.  But out of His kindness, HIS grace.

There was a pastor who said a lady was coming to him every single week, "Pastor, GOD convicted me of this sin."  Every week, like sin of the week.  Finally he said, "Does GOD ever say anything nice to you?"

Some of you were raised by unpleasable parents and you've taken that image and switched it over to GOD.  That's not right.  HE is a forgiving GOD.  Why?  Because HE is kind.

Just a thought from the front porch…


sarahbeth said...

Love this! Our faith is not centered around how we feel and the good or bad things we do. It is about our God who, though perfectly righteous, is entirely forgiving and gives it to all Who accept. Centering life around who Jesus is definitely deepens our relationship with Him.

bill williams said...

It really does and it also helps in our relationship with others.