Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I’ve been married for 39 years…

I've been married to Margaret for 39 years.  By the grace of GOD, she is the only woman I've ever known.  By the grace of GOD, I intend for that to be true the rest of my life.  Why?

1.  I love my wife and kids.  The thought of hurting Margaret my wife or the thought of hurting Brett & Stef and their families is almost unbearable for me to think of.  I can't even imagine doing that to my kids, their mates, their kids or to my wife. 

2.  I love JESUS CHRIST.  Everything I have I owe to HIM.  HE died for me on the cross.  HE's my ticket to Heaven.  HE gives me meaning and purpose in life today.  JESUS said, "If you love ME you keep MY commands."  HIS commands in this area are very clear.  To say, "I love JESUS" and to ignore what HE says about sex and it's parameters is hypocracy and it's lip-service and it doesn't work.

3.     I honestly fear the judgement of GOD.  We don't talk about this a whole lot anymore but I think it is a healthy fear.  "GOD will judge those who are immoral and those who commit adultery." 

This is serious business.  If you want to know how serious sin is look at the cross.  It's that serious.  So HE's saying, you don't blow it in this area and get away with it.  You don't just pretend the rules aren't there and make your own parameters and get away with it.  GOD said there will be a day of accountability.  I want to be ready for that day.

Frankly, I'm worried about America.  There was this study of 88 civilizations throughout history.  The study showed that a great civilization will have either a era of great achievement or sexual promiscuity.  When a society becomes sexually promiscuous the creativity drains out of that society in about a generation. 

Honestly, if we were teaching drug education the way we teach sex education in our schools, we'd be passing out needles and teaching kids how to shoot up safely.  The logic that kids are going to do it so let's help them do safe sex doesn’t make sence.  Kids aren't that smart!  There needs to be perimeters.  They need to know, sure they can do whatever they want to, but there are consequences for every action in life.

We're going to focus on the positive and how to prevent affairs and maintain God's standard. The better your marriage is maintained, the less the pull of illicit affairs are on your marriage.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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