Friday, April 11, 2014

Positive and negative personality traits…

So what does a gentle person look like?  How does a gentle person act? I want us to look at what
I think are some common characteristics of people who are gentle. 

And if we put these things into practice in our lives I think it will revolutionize the relationships that we are in.  It will radically change them for the good and that's the payoff for being gentle. 

Gentle people can take a relationship that is weak or dying and it can be resurrected.  It can take a healthy relationship and make it dynamic.

So gentleness is the power of your potential under GOD's control. 

The first common characteristic of a gentle person is personality.  Gentle people have their personalities under GOD's control. 

Now our personalities are made up of our character traits.  Character and character traits can make or break any relationship. 

What are some positive character traits that you like to see in other people?  Honesty, Integrity, Humility, Sense of humor, Compassion.  What about some negative character traits?  Rudeness, Temper, Vindictiveness.

All of us if we're honest have some character traits that need to be honed off; there's rough edges on them. 

Just a thought from the front porch…


Dominique said...

Gentleness is such an awesome trait of personality, a fruit of the Spirit! Blessings

Bill Williams said...

Yes it is, Dominique.