Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two more steps back to purity…

On the pathway back to purity the first step is to acknowledge the sin.  Just admit it.

Then step 2.  End the relationship immediately.

Take action immediately.  Don't delay.  If you're in a situation even an emotional attachment or physical affair, whatever, you do it immediately. 

Step 3.  Avoid all contact with that person from now on. 

Do whatever it takes to do this. 

I'm saying you end the relationship cold turkey, you have one good-bye meeting, preferably by phone, then that's it!  No calls, no letters, no meetings, no explanations.  If they keep calling you for more explanations, practice hanging up the phone.  If you need to change jobs to get away from a person, do it.  JESUS said it's better to lose your eye than to lose your soul.  If you have to change churches, do
it.  That's how serious this is. 

I want to challenge you to make two commitments.  They will produce great blessings in your life. 

1.  The first is that you make the commitment of your life to JESUS CHRIST.  "JESUS you gave me this sex drive.  I want you to guide it, control it, channel it, and use it for good, not to destroy me or others, but for good.  Not to cause guilt but to produce grace."  Give your life to CHRIST, if you haven't done so.

2.  Make a commitment that "I will not have sex outside of marriage for the rest of my life." 

GOD's blessing is on my life.  One of the reasons GOD's blessing is on my life is because I'm trying to maintain the standards that HE's set in HIS word.  You cannot imagine what GOD wants to do with you, if you will trust HIM to provide for your needs rather than trust yourself in the way you think is best.

Just a thought from the front porch...

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