Friday, September 21, 2012

welcome to the human race…

finally solomon would say, if you want to be a winner at work  resolve to stick with it.  resolve to stick with it. 

it is talking about staying power here.  stamina, endurance.

proverbs 22.29 in the living bible says, do you know a hard-working man?  he shall be successful and stand before kings! 

hard working.  you see, winners simply don’t know how to quit.  they persevere, they endure, they are determined, they keep on keeping on, they don’t give up, they just keep on going.
you see there is a myth and the myth is that successful people do everything right.  but they don’t.  the fact is that successful people make as many mistakes and stumble and fail as many times as losers.  they just don’t let it get them down.  they don’t give up.  they keep on keeping on. 

they learn from those failures so they become better and better and better.  they don’t live a perfect life. they stumble, they fall.  but they get up and they keep on going. 

here is something from the book, the joy of working.  successful people fail too.

the best basketball players make only about half of their shots.  the best ones.  the greatest quarterbacks complete only six out of ten passes.  major league baseball players make it to first base only 40% of the time.  including walks.  top oil companies even with expert geologists find oil in only one of ten wells drilled.  a successful tv actor is turned down 29 out of 30 times after auditioning for roles in commercials.  how would you like to have that kind of rejection?

winners in the stock market make money on only two out of five investments.  this book was obviously written a while back.

what am i saying?  i’m saying that you are not such a failure.  if at first you don’t succeed, welcome to the human race.  ok? 

just a thought from the front porch…

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