Friday, January 18, 2013

how to have energy for living…

we’re going to take a look at refocusing your priorities or another way to say it is how can i live out my potential? 

there are two major priorities that i set out to accomplish when i was young.  one was to strive to live above the level of mediocrity and the other was to be a positive person.  i had a friend notice that i start reading the newspaper form the back and i told him it was because i leave the negativity of the front page till last.  i am a naturally negative person but i do everything i can to stay positive.  i won’t be around negativity very long if i can help it.  

but there are some days i wake up and i feel positively negative.  what do you do on those days?  where do you find the motivation you need for life on those days? 

if you’re going to refocus your priorities so that you have energy for living, so that you have a sense of purpose, so that you have an ability to focus on what’s important, what does it take?

it starts where JESUS talked about in matthew 6.33 (nlt), HE will give you all you need from day to day if you live for HIM and make the kingdom of GOD your primary concern. 

you focus on GOD.  and you make the kingdom of GOD your primary concern.

let’s look at that phrase “the kingdom of GOD” and you might wonder what that means.   a kingdom is where what the king wants to happen is what happens.  so the kingdom of GOD is where GOD’s will is done.  GOD’s will, GOD’s plan, GOD’s way – that’s GOD’s kingdom. 

and GOD’s kingdom is the only kingdom that’s going to last forever.  that’s why it’s worth investing our lives in it.  it’s what’s going to last.

just a thought from the front porch…

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