Tuesday, January 15, 2013

i don’t have the power to do it...

we have been looking here on the front porch on developing personal goals for 2013.  less than five percent of americans do this.  if you do this, you're in the top five-percent.  tape these to your refrigerator door or the mirror in your bathroom.  somewhere that you'll see it and remind yourself on a regular basis. 

you’re thinking, “i’ve tried this!  i’ve gone the new years’ resolution route and it lasts two weeks.  i've set goals but i just don’t follow through.  i have the greatest of intentions every year but i just don’t stick with it.  i can’t seem to stay with it.  i don’t have the power to change. 

all the things i want to do, i end up not doing. all the things i don’t want to do, i end up doing.  oh, wretched man that i am!  romans 7.  “i don’t have the power to change!”  you’re exactly right.  that’s why you must walk with JESUS CHRIST on a moment by moment basis.

ephesians 6.10 (tlb), your strength must come from the LORD’s mighty power within you.  

that’s the difference between self-help psychology and CHRISTianity.  the books tell you all the right things to do.  they don’t provide the power.  resolutions won’t last two weeks if you don’t have this verse under your belt – the LORD’s mighty power within you gives you the power to make commitments and then to keep commitments. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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