Monday, January 14, 2013

the way you serve GOD…

we need to also set a social goal.  what will be my ministry to others?  GOD doesn’t want you to just think of yourself.  GOD does not bless selfishness. 

1 peter 4.10, (tlb), GOD’s given you some special abilities.  be sure to use them to...  (make a million bucks in ‘13?  no) be sure to use them to help each other. 

any time you help somebody else, that’s called a ministry.  it’s called service.  you serve GOD by serving others.  this year is going to be the year for many of you to get off the bench spiritually.  you’ve been sitting along the sidelines, watching other people do the plays.  you have gifts and talents and abilities that GOD has given you and he wants you to put them in action. 

this past year, you committed your heart to GOD now HE’s saying, “I want your life, your time, your gifts – the gifts I gave you.”  HE wants you to have a ministry.  set a goal to discover and get involved in a ministry this year.  maybe write down the name of a person who needs CHRIST.  be praying for them, start investing in their life then invite them to church – invest & invite.  be concerned about other people and not just yourself.

just a thought from the front porch… 

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