Saturday, January 12, 2013

what will deepen my relationship to GOD?...

we are looking some personal development goals for 2013.

#3  spiritual goals.  what will deepen my relationship to GOD?  what one thing would make the biggest difference in my relationship to GOD?  not ten things – one thing. 

it might be, what have you known to do but you kept putting it off last year and never did it. 

are you a CHRISTian?  if you are, have you been baptized?  if you haven’t maybe that will be your first goal. 

then maybe you ought to join a church family.  there are lots of bible believing churches.  get involved in the church family. 

maybe what you need to do to develop spiritually is join a small group.  or maybe you need to start tithing.  maybe your goal is to start having a daily quiet time.  but set something specific down so that at the end of this next year, you won’t be going, “did i grow any?”  you had a plan. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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