Thursday, February 21, 2013

emotional passion killers…

there are a lot of things that can kill your passion for life.  there are emotional causes.  and there are relational causes. 

so let’s first look at emotional passion killers and the first thing that kills passion in life is an aimless life.

when you don’t know the reason for your life that’s a sure-fire way of killing your passion.  because without an aim for your life why bother.  why get up in the morning?  why make the effort?  why get out of bed? 

when you forget or you don’t know GOD’s reason for your life you’re going to just drift through life.  rather than going through life by design you go through life by default.  you have no aim for your life.  and you end up like job felt in job 7.1-3 (msg) when he says, human life is a struggle, isn’t it? it’s a life sentence to hard labor. like field hands longing for quitting time and working stiffs with nothing to hope for but payday, i’m given a life that meanders and goes nowhere – months of aimlessness, nights of misery!”

is that where you are at the beginning of this new year?  your life is one big struggle.

listen, passion and a clear reason for living or purpose go together.  the more purpose driven you are, the more you know your purpose in life, the more passionate you become because purpose creates passion. 

if the whole purpose for your life is just to live for yourself, you’ve got a pretty dinky purpose.  if the whole goal of your life is to be comfortable, it’s no wonder you’ve got no passion.  it’s like job says, it’s a life sentence to hard labor and nights of misery. 

you were made for more than yourself.  you were made for a greater cause, for a greater vision, for a greater purpose.  GOD put you on this planet for a reason and if the reason you think you’re alive is just to have fun, just to be happy, just to be comfortable, just to live for yourself, that’s a pretty puny purpose.  and there’s no wonder you’re not going to have any passion in your life.  you need something bigger than yourself to pull you out of yourself to give you energy and vitality.

just a thought from the front porch…

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