Wednesday, February 20, 2013

are you serious?...

let me get real frank with you.  how serious are you about getting your passion back?  how serious are you about putting new life into your life?  it doesn’t just happen automatically.  it takes effort.  1 timothy 4, take the time and trouble to keep yourself spiritually fit.  are you spiritually fit?  it take time and trouble.

let me show you this.  here are four habits that will keep you spiritually fresh. 

here are the four habits – chat

c - check your progress on a weekly basis by asking, how am i doing, GOD?  am i making any progress in my spiritual life?

h – hear the word.  you’ve got to hear the word, get some spiritual input so you’re nourished.

a – act on it. 

t – tell others

these are the four secrets of keeping yourself spiritual energized. 

now i need to remind you that the starting point to restoring your passion is to remember what GOD thinks about you.  did you know that GOD is passionate about you?  did you know that?  the bible says in exodus 34, HE is a GOD who is passionate about HIS relationship with you.  did you know that GOD passionately wants a relationship with you?  how do i know that?  look at JESUS on the cross.  JESUS said,  I’d rather die than live without you. 

how passionate are you about getting to know GOD?  about loving HIM?  about knowing HIS purpose of your life?  are you lukewarm, going through the motions?  is your passion growing every day, getting hotter and hotter?  let me ask you this.  has there ever been a time in your life where you were closer to GOD than now?  the fact is, you are as close to GOD as you want to be.  you can’t blame anybody else.  nobody’s holding you back.  you are as close to GOD as you want to be. 

i invite you to pray this prayer with me.  “dear JESUS, thank YOU for being passionate about loving me.  i want to live the adventure, the adventure you’ve plan for me.  forgive me for my lukewarm attitude towards YOU.  i want to get up each morning looking forward to the day that YOU’ve planned for me.  i want to be a passionate person, loving YOU and others passionately.  help me to check my progress, to hear your word, to act on it and to tell others.  in YOUr name i pray.  amen.” 

just a thought from the front porch…

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