Tuesday, February 19, 2013

stay fresh, vital and alive…

if you want to stay fresh, if you want to stay vital, if you want to stay alive in your life let me give you a little habit to develop. 

psalm 96.2 (tlb), each day tell someone that HE saves.  that’s it.  tell somebody about GOD. 
the happiest most joyful people i know are always talking about GOD, what a difference HE’s made in my life.  they’re sharing with other people.  they’re sharing the love of GOD with others.  they’re inviting people to church.  they’re talking with people.  they’re not hammering people with the bible.  they’re just saying, this is what GOD is doing in my life.  they share, they express their faith.

let me ask you a very important question.  how long has it been since you talked with anybody about JESUS CHRIST?  how long has it been since you told anybody about what GOD has done for you?  have you ever done that?  have you ever expressed it to anybody else?  if not, you’re just taking in and you’re not giving out.  you’re going to go stagnant.  the happiest people i know are always sharing their love of GOD with other people.  bringing friends to CHRIST, telling them about the LORD, inviting them to church. 

the bible says this in 1 peter 2.9 (msg), you are GOD’s instrument to do HIS work and speak out for HIM to tell others the night and day difference HE made for you. 

you don’t have to be a theologian.  you don’t have to be a bible expert.  you say, here’s the difference HE’s done for me.  this is what i’m learning right now. 

we call this key to staying energized the pass it on principle.  i’ve learned it in my own life.  the more i give out the more GOD gives to me.  the more i bless others, the more GOD blesses me.  GOD is looking for distribution channels.  HE’s looking for distribution centers.  people say, “why does GOD bless your life?”  simple.  i’m helping a lot of people.  the more people i help the more GOD blesses me.  it’s like being a straw.  GOD says I’m looking for people that would be a funnel that i could bless other people with.  GOD wants to do that in your life. 

2 timothy 2.2 (cev), i want you to tell these same things to other people who can be trusted to tell others. 

paul says i tell you, you tell other people and they tell other people.  that’s the pass it on principle.  GOD says, if you want to stay vibrant, if you want to stay alive, don’t just be a dead sea.  take in but give it out.  share what you’re learning with other people. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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