Tuesday, February 12, 2013

exactly what you need…

you can spend five or ten minutes at the beginning of every day reading five or ten verses in the bible.  start with a book like philippians and just read through it five or ten verses at a time.  it’s a book all about joy.  that’s not a bad place to start.  you’d be amazed at how GOD would feed your souls through that experience. 

honestly some of you came here to the front porch today and the truth is you’re worn out. life has really sapped you of about all your energy.  if i’d ask you to raise your hand if you are tired, you’d say, “i don’t have the energy to raise my hand.  i’m worn out.”

look at this, proverbs 3.22 (tlb), GOD’s principles will fill you with living energy. 

does that sound good to you?  wouldn’t you like some living energy?  the bible, GOD’s principles as a habit in our everyday life can nourish our soul and give us that living energy.  if you want to stay energized about life you’ve got to plug into GOD’s word daily. 

the bible says in romans 12.11(msg), don’t burn out.  keep yourselves fueled and aflame. 

see the words “keep yourselves.”  this is an intentional decision.  it’s not going to happen automatically.  i have to decide.  it’s something that’s a decision as part of everyday life to keep my spiritual passion. 

i think every one of us, we look at our lives and say, “i’d like to live my life with a little bit more faith.  i don’t want to live just sort of buffeted around by the circumstances or just living with the routine, the mundane.  i don’t want to live under my temptations or under my worries or my anxieties.  i’d like to live with some more faith.  how can i do that?” 

the bible has this to say in romans 10.17 (nkjv), faith comes from hearing the word of GOD.

when i make GOD’s word a part of my life it nourishes my soul so i can have passion for everyday life. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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