Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i think, feel, act, and relate…

another spiritual passion killer is an ignored truth.

it’s when you know the right thing to do but you keep putting it off.  you keep procrastinating.  you’re going to lose your passion. 

one of the biggest mistakes that we make is confusing knowing with doing.  we think because we know something we’ve mastered it.  we have not.  you may know it.  you may understand it.  you may explain it.  you may share it with others.  but if you haven’t done it it’s not really inside of you. 

there’s lots of things in the bible that i know but i don’t really know them until i do them.  i don’t know it until i do it.  until i practice it.  i apply it.  i act on it.  i obey it.  i don't really know a spiritual truth until i actually act on it and apply it in my life. 

there’s four parts to applying it in my life.  i’ve got to change the way i think, the way i feel, the way i act, and the way i relate.  these things have to change in my life before i really know it.

GOD warns over and over again in the bible about the worthlessness of knowing truth without doing anything about it, without practicing it and obeying it. 

2 peter 1.5 (nlt) says, make every effort to apply the benefits of GOD’s promises in your life.  then your faith will produce a life of moral excellence.  a life of moral excellence leads to knowing GOD better.

you want to have a life of character?  you want to get to know GOD better?  here’s the key:  make every effort to apply.  it takes effort. 

what you’re doing right now doesn’t much effort at all.  but the hard part is am i going to do anything about this?  let me ask you. 

it’s not the knowledge that changes you.  it’s the doing it that changes you.

just a thought from the front porch…

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