Saturday, February 9, 2013

it will be worth it…

1 corinthians 11.31 (nlt), if we examine ourselves we will not be examined by GOD and judged in this way. 

here’s what that verse means.  if you’ll take the time to examine your own heart, open it up before GOD and deal with the issues that HE reveals then HE won’t have to discipline you and HE won’t have to send other people in your life to point out those areas that need to be dealt with.  so one of the most important practices that we need to develop is to regularly take an inventory of our own heart and life.

2 corinthians 13.5 (msg), test yourselves to make sure you’re solid in the faith.  don’t drift along taking everything for granted.  give yourselves regular checkups. 

unless you’re intentional about it, unless you plan for it and put it in your schedule it’s likely you won’t do it. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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