Friday, February 8, 2013

it will destroy your passion…

in order to replenish your spiritual passion you need a time in your life when you pull back from the pace and the speed of life to just let GOD speak to you and be open to what GOD wants to say to you. 

now in this time GOD is going to pinpoint areas in your life that needs to be resolved and sin that needs to be confessed. 

you see, when sin is not dealt with in your life it will destroy the spiritual passion of your life.  it’s not something to be dismissed or rationalized away or ignored, because it will destroy your passion and your relationship with GOD. 

i don’t know if you’ve been in some people’s cars.  they look great from the outside. but if you ever got inside it you’d find half of their closet there.  you’d find three days of leftovers there.  maybe somebody buried there. 

that’s like a lot of us.  on the outside no one would ever have a clue that inside there’s some real issues that need to be cleaned up with the LORD. 

psalm 38.4 (nlt), my guilt overwhelms me – it is a burden too heavy to bear. 

you cannot feel passion and guilt at the same time.  they will not co-exist.  but here’s the good news. 

you don’t have to live with un-confessed sin in your life.  GOD says, “if you just confess your sins, if you will just come before me honestly, admit it and acknowledge it i’ll forgive you.  not only will i forgive you but i’ll clean you up from the inside out.” 

that’s what happens when we take the time to examine our lives and confess sin that GOD reveals to us.

just a thought from the front porch…

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