Saturday, February 2, 2013

just one thing…

write down the words “one thing.”  there’s no way you can do everything that GOD wants you to do the rest of your life today.  it’s overwhelming.  all that GOD asks us to do is the one thing that HE asks us to do next.  and that’s livable.  i can do the one thing HE wants me to do next.  then the next thing and then the next. 

i don’t know what it is for you.  that one thing may be i confess my sin to another person or that one thing could be i forgive another person or i ask forgiveness from another person.  that one thing may be i’m going to let go of control, trying to control the circumstance.  or the one thing might be i stop a bad habit or i start a good habit.  there’s a lot of different things that one thing could be. 

maybe the one thing for you is i need to let go of trying to control my kids’ lives.  after all they have moved out of the home and they’re married and have three kids.  i need to let go of trying to control my kids’ lives.  because as long as you’re trying to do that, it’s keeping you from making GOD’s will your primary concern, because trying to control their lives is your primary concern.  it’s making them miserable, it’s making you miserable.  that’s the one thing.

or maybe the one thing is i need to confess to a friend that i’m struggling with pornography on the internet.  maybe that’s the one thing.  you say, i’ll handle this on my own.  i’ll figure it out on my own.  if you could have you would have.  you need to talk to somebody else about it. 

maybe the one thing is need to confess to my best friend i’ve been flirting with somebody else at the office.  not my husband/wife.  i’m enjoying it way too much.  something’s wrong and i need to tell somebody.  as long as you hold it a secret in your heart it’s going to get worse and worse.  god says, tell somebody else and they’ll pray for you. 

maybe the one thing for you is you need to forgive your husband/wife.  you need to forgive your former husband/wife.  you need to forgive your son or daughter parents.  you need to forgive a friend, somebody at work.  or maybe it’s i need to ask forgiveness from my husband or wife or former husband or former wife or one of my kids, parents or a friend or somebody at work.  maybe that’s the one thing in your life. 

maybe the one thing is about a habit in your life – a bad habit, a sinful habit you can’t let go of.   i know you think, i don’t want to admit i’ve got a problem.  we’ve all got problems.  we’ve all got hurts and habits and hang ups, problems in our lives.  if it’s got a hold of you, if it’s the one thing you’re thinking of now, don’t let it eat you up any longer.  make that the one thing that you choose to do. 

maybe the one thing is on a more positive scale.  maybe the one thing is you need to start making GOD’s word a part of your everyday life.  just start reading the bible every day.  i hear people talking about it.  every time somebody says something i think, “oh, yeah.  i’ve really got to do that.”  maybe that’s the one thing.

maybe the one thing for you is you need to become a part of a small group.  some of you are thinking, “not that again!  he’s not going to talk about that again, is he?”  maybe the reason it hits you that way every time somebody talks about it is because GOD knows it’s the one thing that’s going to get you to the next level in your spiritual growth.  and maybe somebody else’s spiritual growth that’s in that group. 

there’s a lot of “one thing’s” that we could choose from in life.  but in all the choices that we could make my question is this, why not today?  why not make that choice today?  ask GOD for the strength to take that step today?  it’s going to happen someday.  GOD’s going to keep talking to you about this one thing.

just a thought from the front porch…

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