Friday, February 1, 2013

start living it…

GOD gave us the truth to set us free.  but that freedom comes when i do what GOD says.

i have to do it.  matthew 3.8 (ncv), do the things that show you’ve really changed your hearts and your lives. 

or colossians 2.7 (msg), now do what you’ve been taught.  school’s out.  quit studying the subject.  start living it.   

when we act, we think that’s when the change happens.  but it took all the other things to get us to that point.  i had to go through some pain to wake me up to the fact that i had to change.  i had to believe that GOD wants what’s best to even listen to GOD.  i had to get some truth in my life in order to want to do.  then i was ready to act. 

you know the amazing thing?  sometimes all those three things can be in place in our lives and we still don’t act.  i’ve got the pain.  i believe GOD wants what’s best.  i know the truth but i never get over the top of the hill and act on what i know. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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