Wednesday, February 6, 2013

let’s do it now…

when JESUS talked about radical life change HE knew there was a lot more potential for it with people that were new to church than people who had been around a while.  if you’ve been going to church for a while it’s very easy to get jaded and just let it fly right over your head.  but those who are brand new to it, JESUS said that they’ve got the most potential.  they’re the ones I come to speak the most to. 

the bible says that JESUS says in luke 5.32 (msg), i’m here inviting outsiders [not insiders] an invitation to a changed life.  changed inside and out. 

so why not today?  why not now?  let’s take a minute to talk to GOD about it.

i want to invite you to pray this prayer.  just focus on GOD in your heart and say, “FATHER, i ask you for strength.  i ask YOU for strength to do what you say.  instead of putting it off one more time or waiting one more minute, i want to do it now.”  whether it’s letting go of a bad habit or grabbing onto a good habit, whether it’s part of a life time of faith for you or a first step of faith, just say to GOD, “GOD, i know YOU’ll give me the power i need to take this step.  i believe that YOU have my best at heart.”  some of you need to pray right now, “GOD, today i’m making the first step of faith, of getting to know YOU.  i’ve heard other people talk about a relationship with YOU.  i haven’t asked to begin that relationship.  so right now i’m trusting YOU as my forgiver, as my leader, as best as i know how, i’m trusting YOU today.”

now let me pray for you.  for us.  LORD, thank YOU for loving us as we are.  not one of us is perfect.  we all struggle with not doing what we’ll say we’ll do and with doing what we tell ourselves we’d never do.  fill us, we pray, right now with the knowledge that YOU love us just like we are.  so we don’t have to feel guilty.  i pray that not one person would walk away feeling a load of guilt.  lift that from us right now from us, GOD.  because YOU’re willing to forgive us.  YOU love us like we are.  but GOD, YOU also love us too much to leave us like we are.  so YOU keep on challenging, YOU keep on encouraging, YOU keep on kindly and gently leading us to grow in faith.  we want to thank YOU because we know YOU’re doing it because YOU love us.  we know YOU’re doing it because YOU want what’s best for us.  so thank YOU, FATHER, for loving us.  in JESUS’ name we pray.  amen. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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