Monday, March 4, 2013

it may be buried and blocked…

america was built by great adventurers, explorers, pioneers, trail blazers, entrepreneurs, inventors.  we conquered a continent and tamed the west and our country was built on the spirit of adventure.  but it seems to me that today americans are more interested in security than in adventure.  have you noticed we now have warning labels on everything literally everything – “this could be hazardous to you.”  we just aren’t into adventure any more.  our culture is losing the spirit of adventure.

timex corporation did a study that says that 79% of americans say “there has been no adventure in my life in the past five years.”   us news and world report said, “most people in this country make it a point to stay as far away from danger as possible.  they get out of the pool in a thunderstorm.  they avoid dark alleys in the city.  they never ever tear the tag off their mattress lest the mattress police pound on their door.  they are terrified by the threat of early withdrawal penalties.  sure we could all collect stamps and become college professors and live a ‘reasonable’ life but what’s the point of that?  it’s not crazy to push the limits.  it’s crazy not to.”  it’s been said that the spirit of adventure is the spirit of civilization.  when you remove it from a civilization it starts decaying. 

what is causing our spirit of adventure to decline in america?  could be a couple things.  for the last thirty years we’ve been asking our government to remove all the risks in our society making it safer and safer – safety nets.  so there’s very little risks and there’s maximum boredom. 

on top of that we’re just getting older.  a big percentage of people are in middle age and middle is a time when you stop being interested in adventure and start being interested in stability. 

most of us live our lives the way we watch tv.  the program isn’t that exciting but we’re just too lazy to get up and change channels. 

that is not the way GOD meant for you to live.  JESUS said in john 10.10 (ceb), i have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.  GOD says life is meant to be enjoyed not just endured.  you were made for adventure.  believe me, the spirit of adventure GOD put in your life it may be buried and it may be blocked by hurts from the past but it’s there if you’re a human being.  because GOD made us to do something with our lives.  HE made us to be that way

just a thought from the front porch…

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