Tuesday, March 5, 2013

a new spark, a new energy…

dr. glenn williams, director of maryland psychological research center, said, “man wasn’t created to be safe.  if there is no risk or danger in his life, he will create it somehow.”  that’s why today we have all kinds of technology like race cars, hand gliders, roller coasters, bungee cords.  all kinds of things that are dangerous and risky to get our attention. 

why do you think gambling is so popular today?  gambling is an artificially created risk in a society that is bored with itself.  so people need risk in their life.  they think standing in front of a one arm bandit every weekend going over to lost wages, thinking that’s the place to go to get excitement.  but that’s not it at all.

the different translators of john 10.10 says that you may have an enjoyable life, that it will be in abundance, that you will have it to the fullest and that it will overflow.  be honest.  you may be a believer but does that describe your life?  to the fullest, overflowing, in abundance, living on the edge, grabbing the bull by the horns.  most of you would say, “no, not really.  my life is more described by a geritol ad.  i’ve got iron poor blood and the heartbreak of psoriasis.”

how do you live like that?  how do you really learn how to make the rest of your life the best of your life? 

to live life as an adventure there’s one word – faith.  the bible word for the spirit of adventure is faith.  faith is what makes the difference between just living and existing.  

the greatest collection of adventures in the bible is in hebrews 11.  hebrews 11 is GOD’s hall of fame of faith.  it’s kind of a who’s who of adventurers.  who’s who of risk takers.  who’s who that made their life count.  and this is where we are going to spend some time here on the front porch striving to bring some adventure into your life. 

we are going to look at four men – noah, abraham, abel and moses.  from these lives we can draw some principles that will make your life an adventure.  i guarantee this!  if you will build your life on these principles you will find a new spark, a new vitality, a new energy, a new spring in your step as you live.  you’ll find a reason to get out of bed and life will become an adventure if you learn to live by faith the way these men did.

just a thought from the front porch…  

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