Thursday, July 4, 2013

HE sees us as acceptable…

so how does GOD see me?  first of all God says, I see you as acceptable.

titus 3.7 (cev) says this, JESUS treated us much better than we deserve.  HE made us acceptable to GOD and HE gave us the hope of eternal life

the number one hurt in your life bar none, the most hurtful thing in life is rejection.  when you’re rejected nothing hurts you more than rejection.  so as a result we spend most of our lives doing everything we can to avoid rejection.  we want acceptance more than anything else in life.  we want acceptance from our parents, our peers, our neighbors, from people we respect, people we envy and even from people we don’t even like! 

there’s a myth about acceptance and it’s this.  if i can just get everybody to think i’m perfect they will all accept me.  three things: one, nobody believes it.  two, you aren’t ever going to be it (perfect).  and three, even if you were they still wouldn’t accept you.  because acceptance is not based on how perfect you are.  it’s based on the other person’s maturity and love. 

the bible says JESUS was perfect and yet it says HE was despised and rejected by men.  even GOD can’t please everybody.  somebody’s praying for rain.  somebody’s praying for sunshine.  who’s HE going to listen to?  only a fool would do what even GOD can’t do. 

but we want to be accepted and we want to be loved, we want people to see our value.  GOD says i settled this a long time ago.  titus 3.5-7a (tlb), GOD saved us, not because we were good enough to be saved but because of HIS kindness and grace by washing away our sins.  all because of what JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR did [not because of what we did but because of what JESUS did] so that HE could declare us good in GOD’s eyes.

i don’t care what you’ve done, who you’ve done it with, how many times you’ve done it or where you’ve done it.  i don’t care how many things you’ve done wrong in your life if you have invited JESUS CHRIST in your life GOD says you are a good person.  HE says HE could declare us good in GOD’s eyes.  i don’t care how much bad you’ve done in life, if you’ve accepted the grace of GOD, GOD says, “i look at you and i say she’s a good person, he’s a good person.  he is acceptable to me.”  not because of my own merit but because of HIS grace.  you may have accepted CHRIST.  but do you realize CHRIST has accepted you? 

just a thought from the front porch…

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