Saturday, September 28, 2013

Let’s pray…

Would you pray this simple prayer in your heart?  “JESUS CHRIST, I need YOUr SPIRIT of power in my life. And I need YOUr SPIRIT of love and I need YOUr SPIRIT of self control. I ask YOU to put YOUr SPIRIT in me.” 

If you’ve never invited JESUS CHRIST into your life ask HIM to come in. Say, “I don’t understand it all.  But JESUS CHRIST, I need YOU to help me.  This week when people serve me, help me to be understanding, especially at home. And JESUS CHRIST, when people disappoint me, help me to be gentle, not judgmental.  And when people disagree with me, help me to be tender without surrender.” 

You don’t have to give in your convictions but you don’t have to be argumentative either. “When people want to correct me and offer suggestions, help me to be teachable and not unreachable.  And, LORD, when people hurt me, help me to be an actor and not a reactor, to choose to respond with love and forgiveness and not react in retaliation.  But to leave that to YOU.  I want to be like YOU, JESUS CHRIST.  I need YOUr help and power in my life.”

If you prayed that prayer, I believe GOD heard you.  .

FATHER, I thank YOU for YOUr word.  Apply it to our lives and help us to be like JESUS.  For we pray it in HIS name, Amen.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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