Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to rejoice in the midst of difficult circumstances…

How is it possible to rejoice in the midst of difficult circumstances?

1.  I can be joyful in spite of my circumstances, because GOD is with me. 

Isaiah 43:2 (TEV) says, "When you pass through deep waters I will be with you; your troubles will not overwhelm you.  When you pass through the fire, you will not be burned, the hard trials that come will not hurt you.  For I am the LORD your GOD!"

The fact is no matter what you're going through; you're not going through it alone.  So it doesn't have to overwhelm you.  What GOD wants to say to each of you today is GOD is with you right now.  You don't have to be overwhelmed.

The Bible says, "In THY presence is fullness of joy."  Anytime I don't have joy it's a warning light that I am not spending time with GOD.  It means I've forgotten that HE's with me.

2.  I can be joyful because GOD has a plan for me. 

HE's not only with me; HE has a plan for me.  GOD isn't worried about the problem you're going through.  HE knew it was coming, HE saw it, HE knows how all things can work together for good.  They're not all good but they can work together if you'll lay those into the hands of the LORD. 

GOD says in Psalm 50:14 (LB), "I want you to trust ME in your times of trouble so I can rescue you and you can give ME glory." 

3.  I can rejoice because GOD will help me.

He never puts more on you that HE puts in you to bear it up.  HE will help me. 

Psalm 43:5 (LB), "Why be so gloomy and discouraged?  Trust in GOD!  Then I shall praise HIM for HIS wonderful help.  HE will make me smile again." 

Have you lost your joy?  Are you discouraged by a relationship?  GOD is waiting to help you.  JESUS said, "Ask, that your joy may be full."  HE says, "I'm waiting to help you." 

The Bible say "the fruit of the SPIRIt is joy".  That means joy is not something you can manufacture on your own.  You can't just work it up.  But it is the natural by product when you let JESUS CHRIST live in and through you.  When you say "GOD, put your SPIRIT of CHRIST in my life" then HIS joy you can experience no matter what the situation is.

It's interesting to me that when the angels came to announce the very first CHRISTmas and JESUS' birth, they said, "I bring you good news of great joy."  We didn't understand it then, but we do now because we know what CHRIST can do in our lives.  If you haven't discovered that do so now.  Open your life up to CHRIST and say, "JESUS CHRIST come in and put YOUr love and joy in me and HE will give you the power to do these thing.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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