Wednesday, July 24, 2013

next, forgive yourself…

in dealing with the problem of self-condemnation first of all we accept GOD’s forgiveness.  and then forgive yourself.  GOD wants you to forgive yourself. 

proverbs 4.25 (gnb) look straight ahead with honest confidence and don’t hang your head in shame. 

have you ever committed a sin and asked GOD to forgive you, you know HE’s forgiven you but you still feel lousy?  have you ever felt that way?  what do you do in that situation? 

do you go back and ask HIM to forgive you again?  confess it again, over and over?  no.  you only have to confess a sin one time and it’s forgiven.  but you may have to forgive yourself a hundred times and say it over and over, “GOD’s forgiven me.  it’s over.”  you may have to say it a hundred times until finally it sinks in. 

our problem is, we want to keep reminding GOD of things HE’s already forgotten.  it’s forgiven, forgotten.  you’ve already dealt with it. 

somebody asked eleanor roosevelt one time, “how did you accomplish so much with your life?”  she said, “i never waste time with regrets.”  you accept GOD’s forgiveness and you forgive yourself.

just a thought from the front porch…

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