Friday, May 1, 2009

just a blind squirrel...

i read a lot of different blogs everyday. a lot of them deal with my dodgers but others deal with a varied of interests that i have. one of them is seth godin's blog which is the most popular marketing blog in the world. well yesterday's was called a million blind squirrels and in it he said,"my dad likes to say, 'even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.' and it's true."

look at what james 4.14 (ms) says, you don't know the first thing about tomorrow. you're nothing but a wisp of fog, catching a brief bit of sun before disappearing.

we are all a bunch of blind squirrels running around and we get a success once in a while and think it is all because we are extraordinary and then we believe we can do anything. there is that cockiness again thinking that we know what to do all on our own because we might have been successful.

seth goes on to say, "you shouldn't pick your strategy by modeling someone else's success. the success might have been strategic and planned, but it's just as likely to be a matter of blind luck. someone had to get that big deal, and this time it was him."

james says, you don't know the first thing about tomorrow. so why is it we put so much trust in ourselves and not in GOD?

now i lived in las vegas for 15 years. i knew some guys who could have bought some dessert property 25 years ago but didn't and they talked about what would have happened if they had. you see for over 15 years vegas was a boomtown in real estate and a lot of people got rich. but now a lot of those same people who had been so smart are stuck with property that they can't sell. just blind squirrels who don't know the first thing about tomorrow.

what about that sure thing that you knew would make you rich and today you have lost it all? james 4.16a (ms) says, you are full of your grandiose selves. we think we are so smart when we are successful and that is so dumb and we get so depressed when we've lost it all and that also is so dumb. you see we are just like a bunch of blind squirrels running all around.

proverbs 27.1 (ms), don't brashly announce what you're going to do tomorrow; you don't know the first thing about tomorrow.

we love to announce our plans don't we? those successful people tell us to make our goals and declare them. "in 2010 i'm going to double my income!" "next year I'm going to take over three territories!" now the announcing of a goal can either be a statement of faith or it can be a statement of arrogance. so what makes the difference?

well, the answer is your motive. why you are saying what you're saying. the truth is GOD says it is great to have goals but HE also says, check in with ME first. let ME share with you what I think your goals ought to be. remember you don't know the first thing about tomorrow so go to GOD, HE does.

we will talk about that here on the front porch in a few days...

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