Friday, August 31, 2012

a radical idea…

the most important thing that you bring home from your work is not your pay check.  it is you, it is your character. 

how am i different and when you are considering a job, you should not only look at what does it pay me, but also what is it going to do to me?   what am i going to become as a result of this job?  because GOD says, work develops my character.

HE also says that work allows me to be generous.

ephesians 4.28 (nlt), ...begin using your hands for honest work and then give generously to others in need.  now that is a radical idea. 

many of you are possibly planning early retirement.  have you ever considered that GOD might have you keep on working after you’ve made it, just so you could give that money away. 

have you ever considered that GOD wants you to keep working simply so you could have more to give away.

you see, if you don’t have any money then you don’t have any way to give.  no resources, no generosity. 

GOD says, “I want you to be generous with your resources.”  work allows me to be generous.

just a thought from the front porch…


Daria Prendergast said...

to be honest, Bill, I struggle with the idea of work and building character when it comes to short term missions trips, especially when they involve teenagers or SAHMs. My children participated in some extracurricular activities, but they also worked part time jobs and denied themselves extras to put money aside specifically for missions trips. I felt that it built their character to say to God, "I could buy the latest gadget or clothes, but I want to serve you and deny myself" and they got more out of the trip by working to pay for it. They were required to send out a certain number of support letters and God never provided for the trips through support only. They always had to pay for the bulk of the trip from their savings. But, then we would get support letters from other teens who played sports or band, and they would get 100% support and never had to work a part time job. Many of these kids came from families wealthier than ours. I have always wondered why God told my children you must work if you want to go on these trips while he says to other kids you can go on these trips with my support while also having the latest gadgets, clothes, and play sport or band too. I have always worked part time so that I could support my husband because it is stressful being the sole provider and it freed him up to spend more time with the kids in activities like scouting or coaching their sports teams when he didn't feel that he had to provide the full financial support. I have also used money that I have earned to go on missions trips. I have wondered why do I work but God sends me letters from SAHM to support them to go on a short term mission trip? Why doesn't he ask them to work a part time job to earn their support like he does to me? I struggle with this because I know that it is envy and envy is wrong.

bill williams said...

the truth is that is a great place to grow in character. our life is to be a mission whether we take a trip tp do it or not.

something else, daria, be careful to blame GOD for choices that people make and for things that people do. and be careful about comparing yourself with others. there is real danger in both of those.

Daria Prendergast said...

I think the Sept. 1 post also answers my struggle. Did you mean "Don't" blame God for the choices that people make? I do understand the danger but I still struggle with it anyway.

bill williams said...

You said, Daria, "I have always wondered why God told my children you...while he says to other kids you can". the key is it may not have been GOD telling them but even if it was my attitude and relationship is with Him and me and not Him and someone else. An I really trust Him no matter what. Don't forget, GOD is good and HE loves you.