Thursday, December 13, 2012

forget and then focus…

a lady looking back on her wedding day said, “when i walked down that aisle in that wedding gown i had no idea that i was carrying with me all kinds of emotional garbage into this relationship.  i had to let go of that garbage before this relationship could really get a solid foundation.” 

we all carry emotional garbage of three types:

1.  we rehearse our resentments.  we go over and over our bitterness, the people we're angry against, the people that have hurt us.  we rehearse our resentments.

2.  we remember our regrets, the things we've felt guilty about, the things that we regret ("if only...") and remember those things.

and when we rehearse our resentments and remember our regrets...

3.  we reinforce our remorse.  and we feel down.

when you do those three things and you carry that emotional garbage of rehearsing resentments, remembering regrets, reinforcing our remorse it tends to cause us to react to relationships, rather than enjoying them. 

how do you spell relief?  paul solution is found in verse 13 of phillipians 4, “ i let go of the past and i hold on to the future.”  forget the former and focus on the future.  paul says i forget the former and focus on the future.

just a thought from the front porch…

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