Saturday, December 15, 2012

give them up…

your past is past.  your past cannot hurt you any more unless you allow it.  let go of your grudges. 

job 5.2 (gnt), to worry yourself to death with resentment would be a foolish, senseless thing to do.  it doesn’t help, it only hurts. 

who are you holding a grudge against?  former girlfriend?  former spouse?  an employer?  a parent?  a brother/sister?  a teacher who hurt you when you were in school? 

many adults are still fighting their parents unconsciously.  they say, “i was unloved... i was ignored... i was abused verbally... i was abused physically... i was intimidated... manipulated...”  you felt all that hurt growing up in your childhood so you moved away, but you kept the hurt.  it went with you when you moved. 

now, for some of you, that person who has hurt you in the past has died.  now what are you going to do?  you're still holding on to the hurt. you need to let go of your grudges.

job 18.4 (gnt), you are only hurting yourself with your anger. 

to make matters worse, some of you have allowed all of this anger and hurt to pile up from your past and since that person is not around anymore, now you take it out on your husband or your wife or your children and that’s not fair! 

you’ve got to let go of your grudges.  if you want to get on with your life there’s only one alternative, forgive everybody else just as GOD has forgiven you.  you’re forgiven so be forgiving.  for your own sake give up your grudges. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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