Friday, December 7, 2012

your alternatives…

now most people respond to the uncontrollable, unexplainable, unchangeable situations of life with one of two responses and both of them are fatal mistakes. 

some of you, when you face an uncontrollable situation, you just try harder.  you become more controlling.  and the more your life gets out of control, the more controlling and compulsive you become.  “i’m going to make this thing work!”  and you make everybody around you miserable.  the more controlling you become and the more compulsive you become, the more unhappy you become.  

others of you are at the exact opposite extreme and you just want to give up, not try anymore.  you give in to despair.  you basically say, “i’m a victim!  and i will be a victim the rest of my life.”  you swallow and wallow in a giant pity party.  you give in to despair. 

both of those responses are foolish mistakes that don’t work.  instead, you need to surrender to GOD’s loving control

the real reason you are in turmoil, you have so much anxiety, you have so much tension in your mind is because you’re fighting a war with GOD in your mind.  you think you know better.  

every day you wake up you have a decision to make: who’s going to be in charge of my life?  me or GOD?  who’s going to be in control of my life?  am i going to be in control or is GOD going to be in control? 

because you think you know better, there are verses in the bible you just want to ignore.  you want to make up your own rules.  you want to play your own games.  you think you’re god.  you think you know better.  the more you take control yourself, the more miserable you become and the more out of control your life becomes because it doesn’t work.  you are at war with the real GOD when you try to play god. 

the bible is very clear about the results of these decisions.  romans 8.6 (icb) says this, if a person’s thinking is controlled by his sinful self, then there is death.  but if his thinking is controlled by the SPIRIT, then there is life and peace. 

those are your alternatives – death or life and peace.  who’s going to be in charge?

just a thought from the front porch…

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