Saturday, December 8, 2012

HE is trustworthy…

i don’t know if you’ve thought this through but it’s obvious.  in a war with GOD you’re going to lose.  there’s no way you’re going to win that war when you’re arguing with GOD.  as the old saying says, “your arms are too short to box with GOD.”  

i remember when i was a kid, mohammed ali was the world’s champion and he was going around saying, “i am the greatest!  i am the greatest!”  i’ll never forget that tragic scene a few years back at the olympics when ali was chosen to light the torch.  he climbed up the stairs and with a palsied, parkinson’s shake in his hand he could barely light that torch from the shaking in his body.  later in an interview he said, “GOD gave me that so i could remember that i’m not the greatest, but HE is.”  that’s pretty good advice, pretty good attitude.

sometimes GOD places a limitation in our life in order to force us to our knees, to force us to depend on HIM, to prove that HE is trustworthy.  sometimes GOD just flat out has to incapacitate us to show who’s in control.  if you fight with GOD, you’re going to lose.  and HE loves you too much to let you win. 

if you want to have deep, personal, satisfying peace of mind in heart and soul, you’ve got to surrender control of your life totally to GOD.  how do you know if you’ve done that?

the evidence is this.  evidence of a surrendered life is always obedience.  when GOD says, “do it!” i do it.  i don’t care if i don’t understand it, i don’t care if anybody else is doing it, i don’t care if it’s possible, i don’t care if it’s hard or easy – i do it.  if GOD says to do it in HIS word, whether it makes sense to me from a human point or not, i do it.  because i am surrendered to HIS control. 

when i listen to HIS word and follow HIS direction, what is the result of that?  it is always the same.  peace. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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