Monday, December 10, 2012

the results of being in control…

psalm 119.165 (ncv), those who love YOUr teachings will find true peace and nothing will defeat them.

today, you may be in an uncontrollable circumstance.  you may be married to an unchangeable person.  you may be experiencing an unexplainable problem.  but the good news is you can have peace.  you can have the peace of GOD in your life but first you’ve got to make peace with GOD. 

you can’t have the peace of GOD until you first make peace with GOD.  how do you do that?  by surrendering your entire life in faith to JESUS CHRIST. 

romans 5.1 (nlt), since we have been made right in GOD’s sight by faith, we have peace with GOD because of what JESUS CHRIST our LORD has done for us. 

aren’t you tired of being at war with GOD?  don’t you realize that is the single greatest source of stress in your life when you get up and say, “i’m going to be god today, not GOD.” 

what is the result of being in control of my own life?  worry, guilt, bitterness, resentment, anxiety, fear, fatigue, depression, despair.  and many of you are familiar with those emotions. 

what is the result of having JESUS CHRIST being number one in my life and being fully surrendered to whatever HE wants?  peace, power, strength, wisdom, purpose, meaning, eternal life, significance, joy. 

then why don’t we surrender to GOD in every area of our life?  because you’re holding on to resentment of GOD.  you say, “me?  i’m resentful of GOD?”  yes, you are. 

what is it that you’re still angry with GOD about?  that marriage that didn’t work out?  that marriage that never happened?  that handicap in your life or that of a loved one?  that birth defect?  that big disappointment that you hoped would happen and it didn’t?  those plans that you planned that didn’t go the way you planned them?  that loved one who died before you thought it was their time because you know better than GOD?  what are you still resentful of god about? 

do you realize that when you hold on to your anger and you’re saying, “i know better than GOD,” you are cutting off the very source of hope, healing and help you need in your own life.  and you need to let it go.  you need to realize that you’re at war with GOD over that issue and that has kept you from having the peace of GOD in your heart. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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