Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HIS love never changes…

we have just been looking here on the front porch at the question, can GOD be trusted?  it is a good question.  another good question in looking at what GOD is like would be one you might ask when going through some changes in your life.  margaret, my wife and i are going through some changes and a good question could be, does GOD ever change?  have you ever asked that?  it’s a good question also.

in james 1.17 (niv) it says, every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the FATHER of the heavenly lights, WHO does not change like shifting shadows. 

malachi 3.6 (niv) says, I the LORD do not change!  HE is always the same.  HE always has been; HE always will be. 

because HE is perfect, HE can’t get better and HE can’t get worse, therefore HE’ll never change.  because we’re imperfect we do change.  everything else in creation changes except GOD. 

have you noticed the fact that you are constantly changing?  look in the mirror.  bob dylan used to sing, “the times, they are a-changin”.  i’d say, the lines, they are a changing – the hairline, the waistline, the credit line.  we always change in the way we act, think, look, talk.  but GOD never changes.

now one of the things about GOD that never change is HIS love for me never changes.  and i need to remind myself of that.  jeremiah 31.3 (niv), GOD says, I have loved you with an everlasting love. 

you were created to be loved by GOD.  you are an object of GOD’s love.  GOD’s love is consistent and it is continual.

one of the reasons we get frustrated with relationships is because people change.  they’re fickle.  they change from one day to the next.  “you’re not the man i married!” or “my sweet child has become this rebellious teenager.  i don’t even recognize him anymore.”  unpredictable, inconsistent.  that causes stress in our lives.

the bible says GOD always acts like HIMself.  HE never changes. HE never acts out of character.  psalm 119.159 (tev), YOUr love never changes, so save me!

just a thought from the front porch… 


Rachel Stephenson said...

Thanks for this encouragement. It's easy to get caught up in the termoil of everyday - things seem very volitile. It's wonderful to know my Father never changes!

bill williams said...

thanks for your encouragement, rachel.