Thursday, October 11, 2012

it is always relevant…

here is another fact about GOD, HIS word never changes.  the laws, the principles, the commands are timeless.  isaiah 40.8 (living bible), the grass withers and flowers fade, but the word of our GOD shall stand forever. 

the bible is always fresh.  it is always relevant, up to date, never obsolete. 

anything that man writes eventually becomes obsolete, dated.  at the rate of scientific discovery, by the time a science textbook is printed it’s already obsolete.  look at the computer manuals that no longer work – just a couple of years and they are outdated.  whatever man writes eventually changes. 

it is comical to read old psychology today magazines.  all the therapies of the 2000s that were the answer and the cure are now in disrepute.  man’s ideas don’t last. 

you need to build your life on something more stable and permanent and unchangeable than the current fad or current therapy or the current thing that is in vogue.  it’s amazing what people believe.

matthew 24.35(niv) JESUS said, heaven and earth will pass away but MY words will never pass away. 

there has never been any book that has been more attacked, criticized, ridiculed, burned and outlawed than the bible.  yet today all of those caesars, dictators and fanatics are all dead.  the bible is still around.  it has stood the test of time because HIS word never changes.

psalm 119.152 (niv), long ago i learned from YOUr statutes that YOU established them to last forever.  the principles, the laws that HE lays down, are made to last forever. 

just a thought from the front porch…