Friday, October 12, 2012

HE has established them to last forever…

alan shepherd, the very first american astronaut in space, was asked by a reporter just before he got into the capsule:  “what is the one thing you’re depending on most in this space venture?”  his answer was classic, “i’m depending on the fact that GOD’s laws never change.” 

listen, what if the rotation of the earth was inconsistent?  what if gravity reversed every other day?  when HE made the whole universe, HE established some universal laws. they never change.  they never have and they never will.  the reason we can study science is because it is predictable.  we can study some verifiable facts of life of physics that do not change. 

and just as GOD has established the universe to operate on physical laws there are moral laws and spiritual laws that GOD has set up that we cannot ignore because they do not change and if we ignore them we have chaos. 

do you remember when you were a kid and playing a game with a kid who keeps changing the rules?  how can you win?  the only way you can win in life is to play by the rules and GOD has established some laws, principles, commands in HIS word that do not change!  there are some absolutes.  there are some things that will always be right and some things that will always be wrong.  it’s not a matter of opinion and contrary to popular opinion GOD does not invent new rules for every generation.  HE has established them to last forever. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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