Monday, October 8, 2012

let’s do something…

i invite you to follow me in a prayer of commitment right now.  would you pray there in the quietness of your heart,  “dear GOD, i know i could never earn YOUr forgiveness.  because YOU are reliable and just, because YOU have promised it, i ask YOU to forgive the things that i have done wrong.”  if HE brings something specific to mind, just mention it.  HE can read your mind.  “it was wrong. i’m sorry.  i want to turn away from it.”  i can depend on GOD to forgive my sins.  there is no need for anybody to live under a load of guilt.  it is unnecessary.

some of you are facing major decisions.  i can depend on GOD to give me guidance.  “i’m going to trust in the LORD with all my heart.  i’m not going to rely on what i think i know.  i’m going to remember yOU in everything i do and i’m going to trust YOU to show me the way.”  as you read GOD’s word and as you get godly counsel it will become clearer to you.

some of you have been hurt in the past and you need to say to GOD, “i depend on YOU to settle the score.  i’ve been trying to get even, maybe just by being resentful.”  resentment never hurts them it only hurts you.  let it go and let GOD settle the score.  don’t take matters into your own hands.  JESUS never answered back when HE was insulted. HE left HIS case in the hands of GOD. 

the bible says you can depend on GOD to reward your generosity.  some of you need to say, “i’ve been unfaithful in my giving and i want to be faithful.”  for your own sake, commit yourself to tithing, giving it back to GOD as the bible teaches.  “help me to become, not a taker in this world, but a giver of my time, my life, myself, my money and be a generous, giving person.”  the bible says, “give and it will be given to you.”  if you have financial needs right now the first thing you need to do is to start giving.  how can you expect GOD to help you with a financial need if you’re not obeying what HE’s already promised is the key? 

you can depend on GOD to remember your service.  would you offer yourself?  “LORD, i’m available.  i want to give myself to YOU and i want to serve YOU because i know YOU’re not going to forget the things i’m doing.  YOU see the things i’m doing.  help me to remember that if no one else notices, you do.” 

all of these promises are "yes" in jesus christ.  if you've never opened your life to him do it right now.  say, "you've promised to come in so i invite you into my life.  you've promised that if i call on your name you'll save me, so i do that right now."

HEAVENLY FATHER, i thank YOU that you are a faithful GOD.  guide each of us personally this week.  in JESUS’ name. amen.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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