Saturday, October 6, 2012

the key to the promises of GOD…

there are hundreds and hundreds of promises in the bible.  they are there for claiming.  but they are not for everyone.  they are only for those who have a relationship to JESUS CHRIST. 

2 corinthians 1.20 (niv), for no matter how many promises GOD has made, they are ‘yes’ in CHRIST. 

CHRIST is the key to the promises of GOD. it’s our relationship to HIM that unlocks all of these promises. if you do not have a relationship to CHRIST you cannot claim all of these promises for forgiveness, for blessing, etc.  they are ‘yes’ in CHRIST.  that’s the starting point.

so i ask the question we started with:  can GOD be trusted?  can i trust GOD with my life?  definitely yes you can.  it’s the smartest, wisest decision you’ll ever make to give your life to GOD.  because GOD is holy, HE will never lie to me.  because GOD is just, HE always does what is right and fair.  because HE is faithful, HE never breaks a promise.

one more promise:  romans 10.11&13 (tlb), for the scripture tells us that no one who believes in CHRIST will be disappointed.  anyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved. 

have you done that?  why don’t you do it right now?  call on the name of the LORD.  HE has promised you will be saved.  HE says, whoever does this will not be disappointed.  i’m living proof of that.  you will not be disappointed.  it’s the greatest decision you can ever make.  if you haven’t done it do it today/tonight.

those of you who have already made that decision, you are CHRISTians, one of the greatest lessons you will need to learn in life is to understand and put your trust completely in the faithfulness of GOD.  GOD is faithful! 

you say, “i’ve been claiming a promise.  i’ve not seen the result yet.”  just hang on. never doubt in the dark what GOD has shown you in the light. hang on.  just like joshua could say, not one of his promises have failed.  one of the marks of a mature CHRISTian is to trust the faithfulness of GOD.

the next step is HE wants you to become a faithful person.  we’re to be like GOD, CHRISTlike, like father like son.  GOD is faithful, HE wants you to be faithful.  HE wants you to be faithful in your family.  HE wants you to be a faithful worker.  HE wants you to be faithful to your church.  HE wants you to be faithful in your giving, in disciplining your children.  the commitments you make, HE wants you to keep because it pleases HIM when you are like HIM.

just a thought from the front porch…

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