Friday, October 5, 2012

HE notices the good you do…

here is the last one, i can count on GOD to remember my service.

whenever you’re doing something that you know is right and you know it’s a good thing to do but you don’t feel like anybody is noticing, do you ever feel like saying, “what is the use?  why even try?  i know the right thing to do in my family/at work but i don’t see any difference.  nobody notices.  people don’t care if i do the right thing or not so why even bother.” 

some of you women say, “my husband and kids don’t even notice the work that i do.  i’m taken for granted at home and they don’t even notice.”  all of that time that i spent on thanksgiving or whatever and nobody said thanks.”

some of you say, “when i go to work, i’m a conscientious worker.  i’m productive.  i have integrity.  i don’t pilfer.  i’m honest. i work hard.  i don’t abuse my relationships.  but my boss couldn’t care less.  he/she never gives me strokes.  i’m not appreciated.  i don’t even think they notice the things i do.  why bother?” 

listen, GOD notices.  the bible says HE takes notice and HE remembers every good thing you do.  HE’s faithful to do that.  hebrews 6.10 (ph), GOD is not unfair; HE will not forget all that you have done, nor the loving labor which you have shown for HIS sake in looking after fellow CHRISTians.  notice it says, not forget. 

so the natural question becomes:  how are you using your talent for GOD?  HE didn’t give you your talent just to make money.  HE gave you your talent to minister, to serve others.  how much time are you giving to the LORD or is it all time spent on yourself?  do you do anything of community service, service to your church, or some other way?  if you’re not serving in any capacity what kind of reward do you think you’re going to get?  the bible says HE rewards us for our service.  no service, no rewards.

just a thought from the front porch…        

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Anonymous said...

I Recently ended a "friendship" with someone who didn't appreciate me and treated me badly. I was good to him. i was generous, i was caring, i was honest, i was supportive. it was hard to stand up for my self and call an end to the relationship. I've been feeling so lonely and feeling sorry for myself. I just read you blog and you've helped me come to the realization that I have an obligation to use my skills and talents for my Heavenly Father. His word said I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand-Isaiah 41:10. I need to get on with his work.... Thx