Thursday, January 10, 2013

what do i want to learn this year?…

if you want to be like JESUS i encourage you to set a smart goal in each of the four ways JESUS developed.  remember a smart goal is s - specific  m - motivational  a - attainable  r - relevant  and t - trackable.   

first in your intellectual area.  ask yourself, “what do i want to learn next year?”

remember the ad that said, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  GOD gave you your mind.  it’s a gift.  it’s like a muscle.  if you use a muscle, it gets stronger.  if you ignore a muscle, it atrophies.  same thing with your brain.  you don’t want to have an atrophied brain. 

proverbs 19.8 (gnt), do yourself a favor and learn all you can.  remember what you’ve learned and you’ll prosper. 

all leaders are learners.  the moment you stop learning, you stop leading.  so, as a CHRISTian, you must constantly be challenging yourself to grow and to develop.  ask yourself, “what do i need to learn this year?” 

maybe you’d set a book reading goal and say you’re going to read a certain number of books this year.  maybe it’d be an educational goal:  “i want to take a class over at the community college and develop a skill.”  maybe it would be to learn a language.  maybe it would be to learn the computer so you could get on the information super highway!  but set some kind of intellectual goals that will challenge and stimulate you so that a year from today you're smarter than you are today, that you know more.  GOD can use that in your life.  it’s good stewardship of the brain GOD gave you.

just a thought from the front porch…

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