Monday, April 29, 2013

I can turn them around and use them…

you may not have a physical thorn like some do but everybody’s hurting somewhere.  there’s situations in your life that limit you and cause pain that you’ve either inherited or you cannot control.  your choice is either to continue to resist it and resent it and have a pity party over it or you can admit it, glory in it, see what god wants to do in your life through it and actually begin to use it to help other people.  that’s your choice.  don’t waste your hurt.

so what are you ashamed of?  what causes pain in your life?  did you grow up in a dysfunctional family?  maybe you had a parent who was unfaithful.  or maybe you’ve been unfaithful, flamed out morally.  maybe you’ve got some other kind of weaknesses.  i invite you to create an altar in your mind and on it place the weaknesses of your life that you cannot change and you didn’t ask for.  say, “GOD, i give you these weaknesses.  and i ask you to work, not around them, in spite of them, but would you use my weakness and  in my weakness would you be strong.  you’ve said that YOUr power shows up best in weak people.  here’s exhibit a.  would you show YOUr power in my life this week?  because i’m declaring a declaration of dependence, not independence – a declaration of dependence on YOU – totally.  i ask YOU to help me.”

so many of you reading this have the potential to become world class CHRISTians, spiritual giants, towering.  you have no idea the impact GOD can do through you.  HE does extraordinary things through ordinary people.  everything in your past has brought you to this point.  GOD says, “it wasn’t an accident, those things that happened.  some of them were evil and some of them were bad.  but I can turn them around and use them for good in your life if you’ll admit them, be grateful for the way i can use them in your life, and if you’ll be willing to share them honestly with others and let me heal you in the process.”
if you’ve never opened your life to JESUS CHRIST, say, “JESUS CHRIST, come into my life and heal my hurts and be my LORD and be my guide.  i want to follow you.  in JESUs’ name i pray.  amen.” 

just a thought from the front porch…

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